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Volvo urges child safety seat re-think

Should international safety regulations for child seats apply in Australia?

The international standard for child seats, called Isofix and linked to a special location in the back seat of all vehicles, is not ratified for Australia it does not include a top-tether strap on seats.

But Volvo, which advocates rear-facing child seats up to the age of four, believes international safety regulations should apply in Australia.

"I don't think that Australia needs a separate set of safety regulations when they are very competent safety evaluation has been carried out in Europe or the US," Alan Desselss says.

"I think that Australia could quite comfortably accept what has been done in the US and Europe on things such as Isofix."

An acceptance of Isofix in Australia would also allow Volvo to sell its own child seat.

"I do believe it's a very, very good feature and it certainly has been tested extremely rigorously in both the US and Europe. And by our own engineers.

"If Volvo endorses it you can be sure it has been tested to the nth degree."