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Toyota Land Cruiser fire risk: 23,000 70 Series off-roaders recalled over DPF issue

The Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series recalled.

Toyota has issued an urgent recall for almost 23,000 LandCruiser 70 Series with warnings the vehicles are at risk of catching fire when the DPF cleaning function operates.

The recall impacts 22,971 vehicles produced between June 2016 and November 2018, and the fear is that vegetation accumulated under the body of the LandCruiser could ignite when the Diesel Particulate Filter goes through its "regeneration" cleaning function.

The problem is, as it stands, the driver doesn't decide when that function takes place, and so if you have just returned from an off-road adventure, or if you're parked over dry grass, the accumulated vegetation could cause a fire. 

Toyota says the repair will be free, and involved installing a modified heatshield on the exhaust, as well as setting up a "DPF manual regeneration customisation mode" which will allow the owners to operate the function when in a safe area. 

The work is expected to take three hours, but Toyota is warning vehicles could be off the road longer, depending on how busy the dealership is. The brand will text, email or mail owners, but if those details are out of date, owners should contact Toyota. 

Impacted LandCruisers have vins that range from 00012231 to 00015237, 09002115 to 09002530, 00007396 to 0F001001, 07010463 to 07022703, 07800009 to 07805019, and 07400000 to 07404748.