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The Honda Integra is coming back? Leaked product map promises the return of a small, sporty sedan

Could the Honda Integra be about to make a comeback.

Honda could be about to blow the dust off one its most iconic nameplates, with what appears to be a leaked product roadmap for Acura promising a new small sedan between now and 2022. 

Now, it must be said that Honda hasn't actually called the new model an Integra yet. But there are clues that have gotten the internet's chin wagging. 

For one, every other model on the plan. which first appeared on acurazine ,gets a name (the TLX, MDX and RDX, which are US names for Acura product), but the mystery "small sedan" doesn't. What's more, the mystery vehicle is confirmed to get a sporty "Type S" variant.

Whether the new vehicle ends up wearing the Integra name, it seems clear that Honda is returning to its sport roots largely across its range. 

This news follows Honda's decision to resurrect its Type S badge in 2019, confirming it would first appear on the US market Acura TLX mid-size sedan. However, Aussie fans hoping for more go-fast Hondas will be disappointed to learn the new Type S is currently only confirmed for the US-market, 

Speaking at the announcement last year, Acura vice-president and brand officer Jon Ikeda said the return of the Type S will life the brands image.

“The return of the Type S is instrumental in our mission to return Acura to its performance roots,” he said.

“From bringing back the NSX to winning at the highest level of North American racing and ushering in a new generation starting with the RDX, we are revitalising Acura on the foundation of our original and authentic brand values, piece by piece.”