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Still waiting for your LC300? This hardcore Lexus LX600 Off Road wants to tempt you out of your LandCruiser

The Lexus LX600 Off Road is coming for your LC300.

Stuck in the queue for a LC300? There might be another option around the corner, with Lexus whipping the covers off a hardcore LX600 variant called the Off Road edition.

And this is more than a sticker pack, with the LC300's luxury-focused sibling kitted out with a heap of off-road kit, and a bunch of aftermarket accessories from JAOS.

That story begins with lightweight front and rear skid plates, 20-inch wheels trimmed in Toyo Open Country All Terrain rubber, swollen wheel arches and mud flaps at every tyre.

The customised model will be revealed in full at the Tokyo Auto Salon tomorrow, but it also sounds like more than concept, with Lexus promising that it's "committed to offering a diverse range of products to meet the diversifying needs and lifestyles of its customers."

"This collaboration is the result of the desire of both companies to provide customers with an all-new experience," the brand says.

Under the hood remains the LX600's twin-turbo V6, firing 305kW and 650Nm to all four tyres, as well as the standard off-road kit sported by both the LC300 and Lexus LX.

Also likely carried over will be the approach, departure and ramp-over angles of  25, 20 and 23 degrees respectively, with maximum wading depth is 700mm, along with the Lexus’ Mulit-Terrain Select which allows drivers to switch between six driving conditions – Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Rock.

But the JAOS changes include CFRP skid plates, which the brand promises are both lightweight and high rigidity, as well as rally-derived ENKEI forged alloys.

Price? Likely lots. But for that we'll have to wait and see.