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Posh spices up the Evoque

Mrs Beckham is responsible for giving the vehicle what’s called an ultra-modern exterior.

She’s tried music, proved herself a success in the world of fashion and now she’s having a go at motor cars.

Nobody’s suggesting she has had a great deal to do with developing the 4x4’s engine or engineering its six-speed automatic gearbox.

Instead Mrs Beckham is responsible for giving the vehicle what’s called an ultra-modern exterior – quite an achievement given that the original car hasn’t been around very long anyway – and a luxury interior.

This week she unveiled the car at the Beijing Motor Show and clearly China’s super-rich are part of its target market.

However, motorists who want the Beckham touch need to hurry. Only 200 models will be released by Range Rover.

At £80,000, the Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition costs more than twice as much as the standard model. Powered by a 2-litre petrol engine, it has top speed of 135mph and can reach 60mph in 7.1seconds.

Mrs Beckham said she used her own experiences of luxury cars in her design to create something she and her husband David would want to drive. She said at the motor show: ‘I want a car that reflects my personality.’

The Evoque has deep-pile mohair floor mats after Mrs Beckham insisted on recreating the feeling of luxury carpets she experienced in her father’s Rolls Royce as a girl.

Rose gold accents on the vehicle’s 20in gloss black alloy wheels look like spinning golden bands when the car is in motion.

There are rose gold-plated highlights on the dashboard and air-conditioning buttons and soft tan leather on the seats. Built at Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood factory on Merseyside, the car has a stealth grey matt exterior. 

The launch comes almost two years after the former Spice Girl unveiled the original Evoque at Kensington Palace.