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Nissan Murano gets diesel

The Murano dCI has a 2.5-litre turbo-diesel, four-cylinder engine also featured here in Navara D40 ST-X Dual Cab and Pathfinder. However, Nissan Australia corporate affairs manager Jeff Fisher says there are no plans as yet for Murano diesel.

"We see Murano being more appealing to the current prestige boutique crossover market such as Lexus RX and offer diesels in our traditional 4WDs (Patrol, Pathfinder, X-Trail)," he says.

"New Murano went on sale here just 18 months ago and we also tweaked spec a couple of months ago."

Murano last month dropped 6.7 per cent in sales in Australia while the segment increased 17.6 per cent and so far this year its sales are up 8.7 per cent to 1368 while the segment has boomed 33.2 per cent.

Most of the mid-sized SUVs that have kept pace with or exceeded segment sales have diesel options, including Hyundai Santa Fe up 131.8 per cent so far this year, Jeep Wrangler (85.6 per cent), Holden Captiva (67 per cent), Mitsubishi Pajero (57.4 per cent) and Kia Sorento (42.8 per cent).

The Murano dCI has a six-speed auto and Nissan claims the diesel achieves fuel economy of eight litres per 100km while developing 11 per cent more power and torque with 141kW and 450Nm at just 2000rpm. It also meets tough Euro5 emissions standards with CO2 emissions of 210g/km. These figures are achieved by improved aerodynamics and Murano's first electric power regeneration system.

While the cabin is unchanged, the Murano dCI is made quieter with extra sound absorbing material in the engine bay, belt drive for the power steering pump instead of chain and a fifth engine mounting point. The need for cool air to the diesel engine and radiators means a new-look grille and bumper.