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Need for Speed Rivals E3 trailer

Need For Speed Rivals.

We're big fans of hauling the mail on track, but we have learned to rein in our wilder tendencies on the street. That's why games like Need for Speed Rivals are such a good outlet for our excess hooliganism.

From the scenes in this official trailer for the upcoming E3 electronics and video game conference, the game appears to offer a level of realism and detail--in looks, if not in consequences--that will help suspend your disbelief as you work out your road-going frustrations. As a bonus, there's the added fun of sticking it to the cops or the crooks, if that's your thing.

To be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, the new game lets the driver play as either the street racer or the cop, living out both sides of the furiously fast scene.

As the trailer demonstrates, however, the next generation of car games are going to be truly gorgeous, even video-realistic at times. Let's just hope the gameplay lives up to the look.

One of the most striking cars in the game will be the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, as part of a new partnership with the Italian supercar maker. Expect more enticing Ferrari models to come.

N4S Rivals

Underlying the whole game is a network allowing players to transition from single-player to multi-player games at any time, appearing and disappearing at will. Need for Speed Rivals goes on sale November 19, 2013.