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Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio recall

The recall notice cites a problem with the lights not being in conformance and therefore not functioning properly.

The failure of the rear lights to operate may pose a crash hazard, the recall says.

The notice applies to a total of 132 Maserati Granturismos and a single GranCabrio sold in Australia.

"The light cluster will be completely replaced by Maserati, as our LED light clusters come as a complete unit," says Edward Rowe, spokesman for Maserati importer Ateco Automotive. "The replacement parts have been imported from Italy and are here awaiting the owners."

However he emphasised that the Maseratis are not suffering having the lights completely out of action.

"One side stops working, but you won't get both sides failing simultaneously, and the high level brake light will continue functioning," Rowe says, declining to comment on whether anybody unlucky enough to rear-end a Maser in the next few days would be able to blame the light defect.