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Long Range is here! 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Y prices slashed as Model Y Long Range variant joins line-up

The Model Y line-up now mirrors the Model 3 with a base RWD, a Long Range, and a Performance variant.

Australian Tesla intenders have two reasons to be pleased as the brand introduces a new, much-awaited variant to its range, while also lowering its prices across the board.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range now completes the trio of variants for the Y to mirror the line-up of the Model 3, with a standard RWD, a Long Range, and a Performance variant available for each.

The Model Y Long Range starts from $81,900 before on-roads, but the RWD is $400 cheaper than last month, now $68,900.

While Tesla doesn’t advertise its pricing with Luxury Car Tax (LCT) included, the Model Y Performance exceeds the threshold, and its $94,900 list price becomes $97,895 with LCT, though it’s still $520 cheaper now.

The Model 3 is where the real price slashing has occurred, with both the base RWD (now down to $60,900) and Long Range (now $73,900) down by $3400 each.

Like the Model Y, the 3 Performance just exceeds the LCT threshold, so the $87,495 price it now comes to with the tax added is effectively $4420 less than previously.

Both models have estimates from Tesla, as listed on the brand’s website, that deliveries are expected to arrive by June 2023.

2023 Tesla Model 3 pricing before on-road costs



Model 3 RWD

$60,900 (-$3400)

Model 3 Long Range AWD

$73,900 (-$3400)

Model 3 Performance AWD

$87,495 (-$4420)

2023 Tesla Model Y pricing before on-road costs



Model Y RWD Single Motor

$68,900 (-$400)

Model Y Long Range AWD

$81,900 (new)

Model Y Performance AWD

$97,895 (-$520)