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Lexus to rollout Apple CarPlay in 2019

Apple CarPlay will make its Lexus debut in 2019

The long wait for Apple CarPlay for Lexus owners is almost over, with the Japanese luxury brand panning to at last introduce true smartphone integration in 2019.

While Apple CarPlay is available in overseas markets - and features heavily in the international marketing material for the brand's incoming UX SUV - it has never been offered in Australia.

But that is all about to change, with the smartphone mirroring technology finally hitting Australian cars next year.

"It'll be 2019. What we're doing now is validation testing, and we'll release a schedule in terms of which cars get it first and the rollout plan, but 2019 is the plan for go live," says Lexus Australia's CEO Scott Thompson, speaking at the international launch of the UX crossover.

Mr Thompson wouldn't be drawn on exactly when in 2019 the technology will arrive, but it does mean the UX - which will arrive toward the end of 2018 - will miss out. But in even better news for Lexus owners, the brand is currently investigating ways to backdate the technology to existing cars, though it is not yet guaranteed.

'That's part of the testing and validation - to determine whether that's possible," says Lexus PR Manager, Nick Raman. "That's being looked at. Part of it is seeing whether it can be backdated."

If you use an Android phone, however, your wait might not be over, with Lexus declining to comment on whether Android Auto would form part of the rollout.

Do you prefer Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or your car's in-house infotainment? Tell us in the comments below.