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Jeep Patriot dumps VW engine

The bed-hopping antics of Chrysler continue this week announcing it was to replace Volkswagen's turbo-diesel engine

Chrysler's Jeep division used Volkswagen's 2-litre turbo-diesel for duty in its Patriot in Europe. It was also in the now obsolete Australian-sold Compass.

But along with upgrades to the coachwork, Jeep will roll out a revised Patriot with the Mercedes 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine.  Jeep says the new engine promises more power, more torque, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The new Patriot is now on sale in the UK and Chrysler Australia says that while the upgraded Patriot is definitely coming here, it's likely to initially be petrol only.

"A diesel Patriot is something we may consider as having potential here,'' says Chrysler spokesman Dean Bonthorne.  "We are also looking at the potential of a new Compass that will be available from next year.''

Australia received a diesel-engined Patriot until late 2009.  The Volkswagen diesel engine was also fitted to the Jeep Compass until that model ceased in Australia in mid-2009.

The European Patriot's Mercedes-Benz diesel is rated at 122kW/320Nm, up 19kW/10Nm on the Volkswagen unit.  Jeep claims it is also more fuel efficient with an average of 6.6 litres/100km.

The more powerful engine also increases maximum speed to 200km/h from 188km/h and lifts the braked tow rating to 2000kg from 1500kg.