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Is the 2021 Supra not angry enough for you? Toyota just revealed the solution in Japan

Toyota in Japan has just revealed a series of official upgrades to the Supra designed the make the Japanese giant's performance car stiffer, louder and angrier.

Officially unveiled by TRD in Japan, the official off-the-shelf upgrades include the "GR Performance Damper and Brace Set" and the "GR Sports Muffler", and they're designed to add more bark, and more bite, to the way the Supra drives.

We'll start with the Damper and Brace Set, which equips the Supra with a new engine-spanning stiffening frame that's designed to not just improve the ride over smaller bumps, but also aid in sharper turn in for more "manoeuvrability".

The engine brace is crafted from aluminium, and it's joined by new damping in the engine bay and at the rear, and Toyota says it "transforms into an engine that predicts even higher performance, leading to an elegant and high-quality drive."

That upgrade is joined by the new Sports Muffler, designed to give the the Supra a "powerful exhaust" sound. The upgrade ends with new black-chrome exhaust tips that look big enough to swallow a watermelon.

There's no engine upgrades on offer here, which means the twin-turbo, six-cylinder engine will still produce a sizeable 285kW and 500Nm. 

The price? We're going to be talking Japanese yen here, because Toyota in Australia is yet to announce the upgrades for your market.

Still, in Japan, the brace upgrade will set you back some 250,000 yen - or $3215 - while the muffler pack will cost you 340,000 yen - or $4376.