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Hummer gets new bling-pack

For an extra twenty-eight grand the Hummer H3 gets pimped to the max.

The solution, a “bling-pack”. Imagine this.

A H3 Hummer, add some huge 22-inch chrome wheels, some more bling to the front brush guard, fancy door handles, side steps and towing points and a dual chrome exhaust.

It's all now possible at Suttons City Holden where you can transform your Hummer into a blindingly shiny beast.

While the range-topper H3 Luxury usually retails for $60,990, there's a new exclusive model at Suttons City which “pimps” it to the max, bringing the total price tag to $89,000.

And there are upgrades inside as well as the aesthetic chrome changes, with satellite navigation, a better sound system, a rear-view camera and two DVD players in the headrests for the children in the back, which means there will also be less fighting as they can watch a different movie at the same time.

Customers are also able to add the features individually. And the enhancements have already proven to be very popular.

Suttons City sales representative Paul Conibeer says every customer who has bought a Hummer since the extras were made available in December, has added some sort of chrome to the mix. That includes many celebrities, such as cricket player Nathan Bracken and So You Think You Can Dance? judge Jason Coleman.

Suttons imports the parts and extra features from the US, but all the changes to the car are carried out at the dealership.

It takes about two days for the makeover, which can be done on any colour Hummer.

And a short drive in the gangster-looking stunner showed it really does know how to attract attention. The chrome dressing sparkles on even the mildest sunny day and there's no way this car can hum along unnoticed.

The rear-view camera and satellite navigation are the only really useful added features, but the rest feels like a must-have for individual appearance and the sheer enjoyment factor.

“It's more of a car to be seen in,” Conibeer says. “It's a lot to do with the ego. You just want people to notice you and you can see it coming a mile away, you know it's a Hummer.”

Suttons says the Hummer with a twist has been sold to many families and businesspeople who want to be noticed on the road.