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Holden Volt SUV on the way

Holden Volt SUV.

The five-seater, with substantial input from Holden's Melbourne-based design studio, was first shown as the Volt MPV5 Concept at the 2010 Beijing motor show.

Holden's parent General Motors is known to be working on a production version but the company isn't saying a word about its existence or future. But GM has previously stated that it would expand the Volt's drivetrain into other models.

The SUV makes sense - it adds another model and expands sales to offset the huge development and production costs of the Volt's drivetrain. It also attracts a bigger audience, especially to families as the Volt sedan only has four seats and a limited cargo capacity while the planned SUV can seat five people and have a large boot.

The concept was shown with a flip-and-fold rear seat that expands cargo volume from 863 litres to 1763 litres - sufficient to consider a third row of seats. China's concept "volts-wagon'' sits on the Volt platform which is also the same as the Cruze. While the SUV shares the wheelbase, it has a bigger body that is 178mm longer, 180mm higher and 75mm wider.

It shares the Volt's T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack - that is 1.8m long and weighs 200kg - but because the SUV sits higher than the electric sedan, it allows a bench seat at the back. The SUV will be heavier than the sedan and won't be as aerodynamic, so the electric-only range will be reduced.