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Hamilton's Merc up for auction

A buyer frenzy has erupted between cashed-up Formula 1 enthusiasts and local Mercedes-Benz dealers keen to nab the notorious Mercedes.  Hoon Hamilton made global headlights last week after he was caught doing donuts in St Kilda.

The car, a hot AMG C63 was impounded and the redfaced 25-year-old British race driver has been charged with improper use of a vehicle.  Mercedes-Benz Australia is auctioning the car to one of its dealers at lunch-time.

Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesman, David McCarthy, said the high-performance sedan was expected to sell for considerably more than its $150,000 retail price.  "There has been a lot of interest," he said.

"It is likely to go for more than the real value but we can't put an estimate on it."  Mercedes-Benz will not reveal the lucky bidder, nor will it put a plaque on the car saying it was driving by Hamilton.

However, McCarthy said any extra money made beyond the car's retail price would go to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.  "We've supported the Alannah and Madeline Foundation previously and feel it is a good choice to benefit from any excess sale proceeds."

The massively powerful V8 has only travelled about 5000km, of which Hamilton is said to have contributed about 100km during his stay in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.