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Geely launches China's Tesla-crushing EV brand - Geometry

The Volvo owner shows it's serious about electrification.

Geely, the powerful Chinese conglomerate which currently owns Volvo and Lotus, has launched an all-new electric-only marque dubbed Geometry.

The brand launch in Singapore was accompanied by the unveiling of Geometry’s first model, the Geometry A sedan.

While Geely says Geometry is initially focused on the Chinese market, it has plans to expand overseas orders and broaden its product offering to 10 EV models including SUVs and MPVs by 2025.

Geely says it chose the Geometry name and simple naming system to “express infinite possibilities.”

The Geometry A is a small- to mid-size sedan to compete with the likes of the Hyundai Ioniq and Tesla Model 3. It will be available with two battery levels, the creatively-named Standard Range with a 51.0kWh battery and the Long Range with a 61.9kWh battery, allowing for ranges of 410km and 500km respectively.

Each battery level is available in three spec levels, the A², A³ and Aⁿ.

The Geometry A will even have external power outlets for charging devices. The Geometry A will even have external power outlets for charging devices.

Unlike many Chinese cars, the Geometry A’s styling looks to be fairly independent and void of overt copycat looks, although if you ask us there is a little Audi influence in those rear light clusters.

Inside sports a clean, raised centre console, a Tesla Model 3-style two-spoke steering wheel and a giant media screen perched on the dash.

A clean interior treatment is headlined by a large media screen. A clean interior treatment is headlined by a large media screen.

Geely claims the Geometry A will consume 13.5kWh/100km – or less than the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona EV – and will have max power outputs of 120kW/250Nm.

The Geometry A will have a significant array of active safety items which Geely says will give it Level 2 autonomy. Included will be auto emergency braking (AEB), active cruise control, lane keep assist (LKAS), blind spot monitoring (BSM), lane change assist and one-button auto parking. It will even have a built-in “HD driving recorder” to save buyers the expense of a dash cam.

While the Geometry A is far from confirmed for the Australian market, Geely says it has received 18,000 orders from countries outside of China where electric vehicles are popular, like Norway and France.

We are yet to receive any current Geely models, or the Chinese giant’s other project brand, Lynk & Co, on Australian shores.

The Geometry A may be impressively specified, but it will not be impressively cheap.

The EV will have a Chinese list price ranging from the equivalent of $43,827 to $52,176 in Australian dollars at current exchange rates. In China the final cost is significantly less due to government subsidies but expect it to cost even more if it ever arrives here.

Do you want to see Geely’s Geometry A with its 500km range sold in Australia? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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