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Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione revealed

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione.

The Prancing Horse brand is about to launch an even prancier version of the already snorting 458 Challenge. Called the 458 Challenge Evoluzione, the new car -- set to be fully revealed later today -- draws on the experience the Italian supercar maker has gained in GT racing.

Ferrari says that experience has led to aerodynamic improvements, most notable in this first image with a leviathan rear wing to produce increased downforce, balanced at the nose by modifications to the splitter and floor.

This "allows drivers to make full use of the 458 Challenge Evoluzione's dynamics and performance, extending its limits and those of the driver, while improving performance both in terms of laps times and over long distances," the Ferrari teaser statement says.

The donor 458 Challenge's mid-mounted 4.5-litre V8 engine carries over without any increases to the 419kW of power and 540Nm of torque, but Ferrari has modified the gear ratios and calibration to deliver peak torque earlier and has added its first electronic differential for a track car.

Interested buyers will have to wait a little while to hear the price, but those who already own one of the 458 Challenges -- first launched in 2010 overseas for the 2011 one-marque season -- will be able to upgrade with the Evoluzione pack.

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