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Exclusive: Chrysler 300 SRT and BMW 530d set for NSW Police duty

The mystery of exactly what vehicles will replace the NSW Police fleet of homegrown highway patrol cars has at last been solved, with sources confirming the Chrysler 300 SRT Core and BMW 530d sedans will begin replacing the Commodore and Falcon from next year.

While an offical announcement has yet been made, sources close to the police have described the imminent injection of American muscle and Germanic grunt as “a certainty”.

While total numbers are yet to be confirmed, CarsGuide understands the model mix is expected to be 70 per cent BMW 530d sedans and 30 per cent Chrysler 300 SRT Cores, and with the numbers on order expected to be in the hundreds.

NSW Police wouldn’t be drawn on the make-up of the 2018 fleet, with a spokesperson telling CarsGuide: “The evaluation of NSW Police Force vehicle fleet remains an ongoing process and for this reason it is not appropriate to comment at this stage.”

The news follows the Victorian Government’s confirmation that 80 530d sedans would join the police fleet as a replacement for the state’s locally built patrol cars.

The $65,000 300 SRT Core makes use of a 6.4-litre HEMI V8 - making getaways even harder for NSW crooks.

The BMWs, which carry a list price of $119,900, are powered by a 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder diesel that generates 195kW and 620Nm - enough to produce a 5.7sec zero-100km/h sprint - while sipping just 4.7L/100km on the claimed/combined cycle.

The $65,000 300 SRT Core, on the other hand, makes use of a 6.4-litre HEMI V8 that fires a whopping 350kW and 637Nm to the rear tyres, producing a Commodore SS-besting zero-to-100km/h sprint of around 4.5 seconds - making getaways even harder for NSW crooks. But that power comes at a cost at the pump, with the big Chrysler returning 13L/100km on the combined cycle.

“The fact that we’ve been in talks with NSW Police throughout the testing process is well known, and we always expected our vehicle to perform well,” said one FCA Australia spokesperson.

“Beyond that, it would inappropriate to comment on the process.”

There’s already one fully liveried Chrysler 300 SRT on the government fleet, with NSW Police taking delivery of a “community engagement vehicle” in May this year. But it is understood this new order of Chrysler vehicles will be custom delivered from FCA’s international factories, with the brand already responsible for building vehicles, including the Dodge Charger, for American police fleets.

For BMW, the process could be even easier, with the brand having already provided vehicles that meet Victorian Police requirements.

"BMW Australia is in constant contact with a number of organisations regarding attractive fleet offers," said the brand's General Manager Corporate Communications, Lenore Fletcher.

"Recently we were delighted to confirm a partnership with the Victorian police, and we have a range of emergency and safety vehicles available ex-factory. As to future negotiations, I’m afraid I couldn’t comment."

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