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Cheapest car gets $4.5m bling

The Tata Nano is encrusted with 80kg of gold.

The Tata Nano usually sells in India for the equivalent of about $2800, and was designed to an affordable ‘people’s car’ for the country’s poorer populace.

However this one has been encrusted with 80kg of gold, 15kg of silver and several million dollars worth of precious stones and pearls.

The car was unveiled by Ratan Tata, head of the giant Tata Group that now also owns British brands Jaguar and Land Rover – and by the look of it, is cashed-up enough to invest heavily in their future development.

The design on the car was chosen from three finalists by public poll, with the winning design getting more than 2 million votes.

The car was decorated by the Indian jewelry chain, Goldplus, and unveiled at Mumbai’s Tata Theatre, but will leave from there on a six-month tour of India.

No doubt it will bring shining joy to the underpaid out in some of the poverty-stricken areas.