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Bentley debuts "world first" high-speed in-car WiFi

The technology will allow for movie streaming at highway speeds

If you've ever wondered what Bentley owners are doing behind those darkly tinted windows in the backseats of their cars, the question will soon be answered - they'll be watching Netflix.

At least, that's what the luxury car maker thinks, today announcing the roll-out of a high-speed WiFi connection, called Bentley Advanced Connectivity, in all of its 2019 models that will allow for high-defintion movie streaming at speeds of up to 110km/h.

But it's not all Netflix and chill, with Bentley also promoting the business applications of its new technology, specifically access to video conferencing and virtual office applications.

"Users will benefit from Bentley Skype for Business and significant virtual office applications, such as the ability to access and edit files on the go, hold vital video conferences, conduct multiple meetings and be present for crucial discussions, all in a secure virtual environment," it says.

Bentley has partnered with communications firm Viasat to roll-out the technology, which works by providing a virtual private network (or VPN) which can aggregate as many as three mobile networks into one strong signal. The on-board WiFi router is plugged into the car's power supply, and it links with a connection hub outside the vehicle.

Is in-car WiFi a good idea? Tell us in the comments below.