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Australian Tesla fans have officially gone wild: Places in order queue being sold for big money as Model Y feeding frenzy continues

Aussie Tesla fans have officially gone wild.

We've heard of people buying, holding, then selling their Tesla Model 3 for a tidy profit in Australia, but this is the first we've heard of this.

Places in the queue for a Tesla Model Y are now being offered for $5000 on Australian classified sites – not the car itself, simply a spot further up the waiting list - as demand for newest Tesla models continues to soar.

If you want to jump the queue for a Tesla Model Y – which is now quoting an official delivery window of between Feb 2023 and May 2023 – you can, but you'll have to pay for it.

CarsGuide today spotted an add for a spot in the August-November delivery window for sale for $5k, effectively shaving at least six months of your wait time.

"Registration not done so it will be registered under your name as first owner," the ad reads. "Email is new and will be yours as well."

But while $5k is plenty of cash, it's not quite so steep as you might think. Remember, Tesla hiked the price of the Model Y in the seven days after pricing was announced, so if you order now, you won’t be paying $68,900 before on-road costs to get into the all-electric SUV anymore, you’ll have to fork over $72,300.

And given this order was made before the jump, that means you save $4k in extra vehicle costs, but have to shell out an extra $5000 for the privilege. And yes, that means you will effectively still be paying more than someone who orders today.

Worth it? You tell us.

New 2023 Tesla Model Y pricing before on-road costs




Model Y


$72,300 (+$3400)



$96,700 (+$2800)