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Elon Musk to Australia's rescue! Tesla boss promises more right-hand-drive Model Y production as delivery dates blow out

Elon Musk answers Australian mayday!

Elon Musk is investigating ways to ramp up right-hand-drive production of the Tesla Model Y after conceding he was caught off guard by the model's booming popularity in Australia.

After only days on sale, the wait times for a Tesla Model Y in Australia have already begun to blow out, with the ordering site now listing delays of up to 11 months.

A new Tesla Model Y ordered now will arrive between February and May 2023 — a far cry from the lightning-fast delivery windows nabbed by those who secured an earlier order.

When order books first opened last week, Tesla was quoting deliveries as early as August 2022.

It seems even Elon Musk has been caught off guard by the model’s popularity in Australia and other right-hand-drive markets.

In response to the demand, the Tesla boss tweeted “We’re working on accelerating RHD Model Y production. Didn’t expect demand to be so high!”

Exactly what he means, or what can be done, remains to be seen, but his words will offer some hope to the growing queue of would-be Model Y owners.

The Model Y range in Australia starts from $68,900 before on-road costs. The Model Y Performance AWD is priced at $93,900, again before costs.

The Model Y is expected to follow the Model 3 in terms of performance, meaning 190kW/375Nm for entry level variants, and 353kW/639Nm for the Performance. A third model - the mid-tier Long Range AWD - is also expected to join the local lineup.