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Audi tempts e-tron buyers with free home chargers and six years of free servicing

Not only do buyers score an Audi e-tron, but also a home wall box installation and six-years free servicing.

Audi Australia is betting big on its new all-electric e-tron, offering buyers not only six years of free charging nationwide, but a home-charging wall box installation at not extra cost as well.

And on top of that, as part of its slightly devilish-sounding triple-six marketing offer, each e-tron sold will come with six years of scheduled servicing and six years of roadside assistance.

The six-year charging subscription – included in the not-insubstantial purchase price of the car, which starts at $137,100 before on-road costs and rises as high as $169,350 – is through the Chargefox network, which is Australia’s largest at more than 500 stations nationwide.

Audi claims the e-tron will be the first car on sale in Australia to be able to use Chargefox’s full, 150kW HPC (High Performance Charging) capability – delivering an 80 per cent charge from empty in just 30 minutes, or 100 per cent in 45 minutes.

Clearly, Audi is targeting the big question that anyone who’s considering switching to an EV asks themselves, “but how will I charge it?”, and perhaps the most convincing way it’s doing so is by teaming up with Jet Charge to install a home-charging wall box in every buyer’s home, before their e-tron even reaches their driveways.

“It’s going to be a seamless experience; we will get in touch with customers within 48 hours of them placing an order, Jet Charge will go and do a home check, order the wall box, and install it at the home, or place of business,” Audi’s e-tron product manager, Matt Dale, explains.

“The Audi dealer will then deliver the vehicle, so the charging is all set up, for free, before the car arrives.”

A typical home installation by Jet Charge would normally set you back around $1000.