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Will broken central locking affect resale?

My 2000 BMW 318i is in excellent mechanical order, but the central locking is broken. You can open the driver's door with the key, but the other doors do not open. I have had the problem diagnosed and quoted by an auto electrician and can provide this information to a buyer, but I do not want to fix it myself. It is currently registered until November, am I able to sell the car in a registered and roadworthy condition with the locking issue? What are my responsibilities for this if I sell it in 'as is' condition?

Yes, you can, as long as you can open the door using the key it should be ok. It's wise to tell the buyer about the situation so they know and there's not likely to be any comeback. I'd be tempted to fix it before you sell it; it's likely to be easier to sell without the locking problem.