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Mazda 3 2014: Which variant should I pick?

I am a first car buyer and I am committed to the Mazda3. Problem is, I can’t decide if I should go for a 2014 or 2015 model.

In fact at the moment, I have a choice between a 2014 SP25 auto for $17,444 and a 2015 Maxx Auto for $16,000. I have read countless reviews and they seem to be the same for each year and model. Money is out of the equation, as I would rather spend more money if it were worth it. So, which one should I go for?

They are of a similar age, so there shouldn’t be much between them in terms of accumulated mileage. The SP25 is better equipped and sportier model, but I would still go for the Maxx being newer and a little cheaper.