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What is the difference between the Hyundai i30 N Line and Kia Cerato GT?

Which is the better pick between Hyundai i30 N Line vs Kia Cerato GT? I am more inclined towards i30 but Kia seems to be tempting choice with more features and warranty.

The Kia’s seven-year factory warranty is – and should be – a big selling point. But that’s countered by much more expensive servicing over the Hyundai. Keen driveaway pricing also works in the Kia’s favour, however. Frankly, both are great cars with lots of useable performance (they share the same engine, actually) and practical layouts.

So, it could come down to a philosophical debate: The i30 N Line sits one rung below the hero i30 version, the N. The GT, meanwhile, is the flagship Cerato, so you don’t need to explain to the neighbours why you didn’t buy the flashest one. But for a lot of buyers, a manual transmission is the gearbox of choice in quick little hatches like these, and only the Hyundai offers a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT. In the Kia, it’s the DCT or nothing.