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Volkswagen Golf 2017: Unhappy with my warranty service

I brought a new 2017 VW Golf R MK7 in August, 2017. Since taking delivery I have had to return the car four times to have five issues looked at. Although four of the five issues have been repaired under warranty I believe I should be compensated for the inconvenience of returning the car so many times and having to catch courtesy shuttles, public transport and Ubers to drop off and pick it up. I have complained to Volkswagen Australia and asked for the next service to be free, but they have refused any compensation. Even though they fixed the faults, which should have been picked up before the car left the factory, surely manufacturers have to offer compensation?


They’ve fixed the faults under warranty, so they have honoured their warranty. If it happens again ask for a loan car to use while yours is being fixed.