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Replacing tyre on a Vectra

After having a tyre replaced recently on my Holden Vectra I decided to check how tight the wheel studs were. Using the tube wrench that came with the car I could not loosen them. I was able to loosen four of the five studs after I slipped a three-foot piece of tube over the wrench to give me more leverage, with this I managed to loosen 4 of the 5 studs, but there was no way I could loosen the fifth whatever I did. The tyre company explained that they are regulated to only torque the studs to 140 Nm and assured me that they cannot over-torque the studs. When I then asked them to loosen the fifth stud they could not move it either - using their own wheel wrench. He said it appeared that the stud had fused to the alloy wheel. Can I smear a little Vaseline or grease between the stud and the wheel to stop them fusing?

You don't need to do anything if you tighten the studs correctly.  Tell them to check their wrench and then have them tighten the studs to the correct torque while you watch.