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Simon Farrugia ASKED THE GUIDE

Replaced Polo clutch

When I was looking for a car to replace my Mazda6, I drove many before choosing a 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI with DSG. My partner had a 2012 Polo Comfortline that had suspension issues, so I had reservations. Then, after just two months, the car was making horrible noises at low speed and the clutch kit had to be replaced. I am furious with VW as I was assured that the DSG transmission issues had been resolved. I only bought the Polo as it was Spanish-built, unlike my partner’s Polo that came from South Africa. If I’d known otherwise I would have paid extra for a Peugeot 308 Allure Premium that I really liked. The issues continued with a grinding sound from the transmission, clunking when reversing and reduced responsiveness. I refuse to believe VW would intentionally engineer a car to sound and feel clunky. This is simply not good enough for a $33,000 car.

Times have really changed at Volkswagen Australia. CEO Michael Bartsch has personally intervened in this case and is organising a like-for-like replacement to keep you in the family.