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NX200t steering wheel damage

I wasn't jumping up and down for joy when I made the discovery that the bottom of the steering wheel on my 6-month-old Lexus NX200t had shredded. I can only assume that this happened while getting in and out of the car.

I take meticulous care of my vehicles and have worked hard to be able to reward myself with what I thought was a car that was of high quality. I have driven many cars, and never have I seen damage of this nature to a steering wheel from everyday use.

I took the car back to Lexus to discuss the issue and I wasn't offered much help apart from being told that it was user-inflicted damage. Furthermore, they could not tell me what material the steering wheel was made of, as I know if real leather was used this would not have happened in six months of ownership.

A steering wheel should be able to withstand knocks and grazes without causing obvious damage as it is an item that you use every time you get into the car! I'm so disappointed and frustrated. I feel this is a major defect in the way Lexus make their "soft-touch" steering wheels and there is clearly an issue with durability that needs to be addressed.

It seems off that the steering wheel should be heavily worn in such a short time, which suggests that there is a design or production quality issue with it. I suggest you check as many other NX200t cars as you can find to see if it is a common problem, and make a direct approach to Lexus for help in replacing the wheel.