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Mitsubishi Verada TCL warning light

An engine warning light on our 2000 Mitsubishi Verada has recently been coming on intermittently together with the TCL warning light. The dealer says that it is related to a sticky solenoid on the firewall of the vehicle, and that it is a very rare fault. A new solenoid costs $290, but they said that as the fault was so rare they were prepared to suggest a secondhand one in this instance for $170.

Further, the only issue in not getting this fixed is that the TCL feature may not be operating. I want to keep the vehicle in top condition, but I ask you whether there are any other options, or whether the fault may be something else?

There would seem to be no option other than to replace the faulty solenoid as the dealer suggests. Not replacing it isn't an option, as the traction control will not be working when the light is glowing.