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Mazda 3: Electrical or computer fault

I purchased a brand new Mazda 3 G25 GT auto hatch for my wife in June. The car was great until we took it to the dealer for its first complimentary check-up. It has done 700 km. We took it in and two weeks later the Mazda dealer still has it. Basically it has some sort of electrical or computer fault. The problem is Mazda created the problem by carrying out an update. The have replaced computer as per the latest recall. Car apparently wouldn't start at all after installing new part. I was informed they can start the car now. I am told by Mazda dealer that there are numerous fault codes that they are unable to fix. I have been in contact with both dealer and Mazda Australia. Initial response to my concerns was poor but now I am demanding a replacement or my money back. I have been totally let down and don't trust what I am being told.


Certainly try and get your money back, or get a replacement vehicle, but you’re unlikely to succeed. At the very least Mazda should supply you with a loan car while they fix yours, and they should tell you when you could expect to have your car back.