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i40 warranty and clutch replacement

I bought a 2012 Hyundai i40 manual secondhand in 2015. It has now done 63,000 km and I've noticed that it's a bit notchy when changing between first and second. On cold winter mornings it needs to be forced into first gear. Hyundai have advised me that it's likely due to clutch wear, and they will investigate further, but have told me that if it's clutch wear they will charge me. I'm not particularly happy with that. I've had a lot of driver training due to my previous occupation and I'm not a clutch rider. Can you please give me some advice on how I can influence Hyundai to perform all diagnosis work under warranty?

As I am sure you have been told clutches are considered wear and tear items and as such are not covered by the warranty. If it's found the cause is something other than a worn clutch rectification would possibly be covered by the warranty, but if it's shown to be a worn clutch you will be up for the cost of repairs, which will include the cost of tearing it down. I don't see there's any escaping that cost.