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Melissa Bajugi ASKED THE GUIDE

What cars are similar to the Volkswagen Passat?

I have had six Volkswagen Passats in a row through my work, and have been pretty much happy with them except the last one, which was full of issues and went back four times for work in the last year. I have a new job and I need to buy a new car, ideally a station wagon, and I don't know what else is out there that is on par? I have been looking at the Hyundai i40 but it doesn't have Apple CarPlay (which I love!). Do you think this is an issue? What other wagons should I be looking at?

That’s the problem with VWs, you can get six good ones in a row, but the next one could be a lemon. Rather than a wagon you’re probably looking at an SUV. I would suggest a Kia Sorento, Subaru Outback, or Toyota RAV4.