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How to program a Ford Ranger key fob?

How to program a Ford Ranger key fob?

Reprogramming an un-coded new key for a current-generation PX (2007-current) Ford Ranger can be done at home if your model is an early 2007-2011 Mark 1 model. You simply get your two original keys, sit in the car with the door closed, and then turn each key to position 2 on the ignition barrel (with the red lights showing on the dash), then remove each within 10 seconds per-key. You then insert the new key, turn it to ignition position 2 and remove it within 10 seconds. You can then re-insert the key and start the car. However, if you have a later model Ford Ranger you need to have a Ford dealer program the key to your specific car and this cannot be done at home as it involves communicating with the car’s ECU. Different dealers can charge different amounts to supply and code a key, anywhere from $350 to $1500, so ring around your area. You will need this done to be able to unlock your Ford Ranger without a key.