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Carline Duggan ASKED THE GUIDE

Honda is refusing to repair my peeling steering wheel on my 2015 HR-V. What should I do?

The leather on the top section of the steering wheel in my 2015 Honda HR-V is fading and peeling. The dealer referred me to Honda Australia, but they claim it is due to external influences i.e. the use of creams. They have refused to repair it under warranty, but have offered me the option of a $1500 independent inspection to determine the cause. The catch is that if they determine it is my fault I will have to pay the cost. I am so angry and disappointed with the response, as I love this car. To me the section of the wheel is just poor quality leather; the rest of the wheel is perfect. Do you have any suggestions on a course of action I could take? They also told me they have never had this issue with this model before.

Get an independent opinion from someone who is experienced in working with steering wheels and materials used in car interiors. An automotive trimmer might be a good start. If you have no success with Honda you could try to enlist the help of the consumer affairs people in Victoria, or even the ACCC.