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Holden Cruze 2011: Radio in a constant boot-loop

I have a 2011 Holden Cruze and last year the genuine stock radio started to go into a constant boot-loop. I have already taken it into the dealership to see if they could reprogram it and also for the negative battery cable but neither brought it back to life. Holden suspected it to be an internal fault.

I have tried removing the negative battery cable as well a couple of times. After I took it in last year the unit decided to boot up fine a few months later and lasted that way for a few months then it just went into the constant boot-loop.

It’s sad because it’s my first car, and I have had numerous other electrical issues. I have been quoted over $2000 for a whole new unit which I refuse to pay because it should be getting covered free of charge as it sounds like it is a common issue. I have extended warranty on the vehicle and is under 100,000 kilometres. The radio itself still makes sound and still talks with the car’s components whilst its stuck in that boot-loop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe that General Motors in the US did, in fact, issue a technical service bulletin (like a recall, but not a safety related issue) for a batch of Cruzes with dud negative battery terminals. Apparently, the cables were poorly made and could, over time, stop conducting electrons to the point where major systems, including the radio, could go to lunch. But it sounds like you’ve already replaced that component. The thing is, if the cable was replaced with one from the same batch, it could conceivably also give problems. The fact that your radio worked for some months before going on the fritz again, makes me wonder if that’s not the case here.

If the unit itself is at fault, you’re either stuck with finding a specialist who can repair it or replacing it. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a genuine Holden replacement. There are oodles of aftermarket replacement units out there that cost a fraction of the $2000 you’ve been quoted and can upgrade the Cruze to include Bluetooth connectivity, Android and Apple CarPlay and even add a reversing camera for extra safety. That’s the way I’d be going. Especially since Holden is very unlikely to cover the cost of a replacement unit in a car almost a decade old.