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Great Mazda Service

Like George Bauer (Cars Guide 4.06.10) we also had a problem with the fuel gauge in our Mazda6. It had just recently ticked over 130,000 km when it too ran out of fuel twice while showing half full or more on the gauge and 218 km and 113 km remaining on the computer. Fortunately on both occasions I was able to safely pull off the road with no power for the steering or brakes. Having always had the vehicle dealer serviced they quickly diagnosed a faulty sender in the fuel tank, which took a week to order in. The fix took half a day and cost $275. We have had no problem since. This is the only fault we have had and have been very happy with both our Mazda6 and the high level of service from our local dealer.

Always good to hear from a satisfied owner. Your positive experience is added ammunition for George to have his dealer fix his car.