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Ford denied my claim and isn't explaining why

I have a 2013 PX Ford Ranger XLT 3.2-litre that I bought new. It is now a year out of warranty and has suffered an EGR cooler failure due to over-heating from loss of coolant from a heater hose that has rubbed through on a fuel line.

A non-standard plastic spiral guard covered the area that rubbed through; I can only assume it was placed there by the Ford dealer at one of its early services, under a check and fix service bulletin that was apparently issued to Ford and Mazda dealers. I took the vehicle to the Ford dealer so they could diagnose and report to Ford in an attempted at a good will claim.

This is a known issue and either a design or workmanship fault, as a hose should be installed in such a way that it can't rub against another component that could eventually cause a failure. Ford has responded to the dealer denying the claim with no reason given. I contacted Ford Australia direct and they said they won't discuss the matter with me and I need to speak with the dealer. The dealer says Ford has denied the claim and there is nothing more they can do.

Surely a known issue like this should have involved a recall or at least a notification to owners to have the hose checked so it can be rectified properly. Placing a spiral guard over the area of the hose demonstrates that there is a problem and in this case the rubbing went through the spiral guard and into the hose and still caused a failure. At best it is only the EGR cooler that has failed, but other damage from the stress of overheating could also be a problem in the future.

I believe Ford should accept liability in this case for the EGR cooler and any subsequent damage that may present itself due to overheating. Appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to handle this going forward.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
22 September 2017

The EGR cooler can develop a crack and the resultant loss of coolant could lead to a cracked cylinder head. I would recommend that you press Ford for a goodwill gesture to cover the cost of repairs. At the very least you deserve an explanation for the rejection of your claim. If ultimately Ford doesn’t come to the party with a satisfactory resolution you could go to the consumer affairs people (ACCC) and ask for their help.