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Converting back to petrol

I RECENTLY bought an HX Holden Premier with a worked 308 V8 in it, which I will be using as a daily driver. The previous owner was running it on straight gas, but I am not a fan of LPG and want to convert it back to petrol. Is this an easy process? Do you know of anyone who could help me do this? Am I entitled to a rebate from the Government similar to the LPG rebate it offers?

I CAN only assume you know you will pay some pretty large fuel bills because the HX V8 was not known as a fuel miser. Also, yours has been modified, so it will use even more fuel than a standard one. Converting it back to petrol is pretty easy, particularly if it's a dual-fuel system that's fitted and you still have the petrol fuel tank. It's just a matter of removing the LPG parts and pieces and fitting the petrol fuel system parts in their place. Any mechanic should be able to help you with the conversion. The Government is trying to encourage people to switch to LPG, not the other way around, so don't expect a rebate.