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Can you convert me?

I AM looking to sell my much-loved 2000 Toyota Celica and buy a convertible, for which I am happy to spend up to $50,000. Can you recommend a car that is both reliable and good value for money?

FOR a stylish drive there's the VW Beetle cabriolet and the Mini cabriolet. Both look smart and are fun to drive, and you will be able to get them for about $40,000. Another way to go is to buy a coupe/convertible -- one that has a folding metal roof instead of a soft-top. That way you get the security and refinement of a coupe and the fun of a convertible. The VW Eos is a good one, as is the Holden Astra Twin-Top, but they will set you back about $50,000. For a sportier ride there is the Mazda MX-5 coupe/convertible, which is more fun but is only a two-seater. All those cars will be reliable and all represent good value.