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2015 Tucson paint problem

I purchased a demo 2015 Hyundai Tucson in July 2016, which had done 36,000 km. When I purchased it I also paid for the Hyundai "nano paint protection", but ever since the first wash (which I only used the productions supplied by Hyundai) the black plastic trim dries chalky and with what looks to be brush strokes. I've contacted Hyundai, they've seen the results for themselves after it was professionally cleaned by them, but no one is willing to fix the problem. Please help!

Was the paint protection you bought provided by Hyundai, or was it, as I suspect, a product provided by the dealer and not the car company itself? You first need to identify who supplied the protection product, because that will determine whom you need to approach about sorting the problem. If it was a product supplied by the dealer then it's the dealer and the company that provided the protection product that you need to be dealing with. There should be a warranty that came with the protection product, so check that as well to see what it and what isn't covered.