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Learn the road rules with these apps

Smart phone apps make it easy to learn the road rules wherever you are.

Thinking about getting your learner driver's licence? Go online before you go on the road.

So you're finally at the age where you can step into the driver's seat, and just can't wait to hit the local motor registry to get your license.

Normally this would mean hitting the books and getting your head around the mountain of rules that govern what you are allowed to do behind the wheel.

But given this is the 21st century and books are a little...lolnope, you're probably wanting to bust out your smartphone and find that killer app instead.

No matter what flavour of phone you have, there are plenty of choices available in your app store (Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store). Many of them are free, and the others will only cost you a few dollars.

Most of these apps mimic the driver knowledge tests you must pass in order to take possession of your licence.

They are a convenient way of making sure you are completely on top of road rules ahead of sitting the test and getting on the road yourself.

A word of caution however -- most of these apps have not been developed by the motoring authorities of the various states and territories. That means they might not cover 100 per cent of road rules or be 100 per cent accurate.

If you plan on using one of these apps, make sure you cross-check everything they say with the official learner driver handbook in your state. Excuses like "the app said I was right" will get you nowhere should you fail the test because of incorrect information.

That said, prospective NSW drivers are in luck. NSW Roads and Maritime Service (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) have an official app that mirrors the practice test available on their website.

While the RMS app is available for Apple devices only, there is an unofficial RTA Car Driver Knowledge Test Simulator available for Windows Phone and Windows RT. The app claims to have a database of all the questions used in the RMS knowledge test, but you should keep in mind that it hasn't been developed by RMS.

The RACQ in Queensland also has a smartphone app as part of its Learn2Go program. While it is happily available on both Apple and Android phones, it is aimed at those who have already completed their knowledge test.

For most other states, the various motoring authorities have practice tests available on their websites. These may or may not work on your smartphone, but will all work on a laptop or desktop computer.

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