BMW rolls out M computer mouse

31 August 2012
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BMW rolls out M computer mouse
The mouse went on sale yesterday in the US, Europe and Asia for around $100.

BMW has launched a high-tech computer mouse “outfitted for the rigors of professional computer sports” and sporting the BMW performance ‘M’ in the name.

The Level 10 M Mouse -- a collaboration between BMW Group DesignworksUSA and gaming accessories lab Thermaltake - features a solid aluminium base and an “Air-Through Ventilation System”.

BMW DesignworksUSA says the open structure "solves issues due to heavy use and direct touch of gaming equipment and the rise of temperatures of the hand".

Echoing an adjustable suspension, the mouse can be set for preferred height. It sports two familiar keys on the top but has five extra buttons on the side, all of which can be programmed to different functions - and a "Z" key that allows gamers to toggle between up to five profiles.

Adding a bit of aftermarket street cred, it also lights up in a range of colours. "This piece of technology, resembling a tiny racecar, has about as much to do with those grey plastic shells scooting over mouse pads as a family van does with a high-performance supercar," BMW said in a statement.

The mouse went on sale yesterday in the US, Europe and Asia for around $100. There’s no word on whether it will come to Australia or whether - like many high-tech mouse designs - it comes only in right-hand drive.

But for those of you already salivating at the thought of putting some BMW M on your desk, you’ll probably need to know that it is fitted with an 8200dpi sensor, adjustable from 800, 1600, 3200 to 5000dpi and customizable up to the full 8200dpi. We’re left wondering why Porsche Design – known for their sleek take on tech -- didn’t do it first.