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Articles by James Lisle

James Lisle

James Lisle

Content producer

James Lisle (aka J3) likes all things cars.

Cynical and enthusiastic in equal measure, James loves to clamber into anything with a steering wheel and a decent amount of grunt.

Although it may seem the J3 glass is half empty on first acquaintance with a new ride, he maintains a balanced approach and will happily lose himself in technical details relating to even the most common, mass market models. Bore and stroke ratios, specific output stats, and thermal efficiency figures are his guilty pleasures.

With petrol getting more and more expensive, it was only a matter of time before someone put a train engine under their hood. It was the only rational outcome. Built by Hauk Designs in an almost instantaneous eight week...Read more
If you're not familiar with the BMW Z1, don’t worry. You're not the only one. In 1989 the BMW Z1 was a small, expensive, and underpowered sports car, and while it did have some notable owners - such as Rowan Atkinson...Read more
If the Ferrari F40 was the most outlandish supercar of the 1980s, then the Koenig-Specials Testarossa Bi-Turbo was the first hyper car. Which is interesting, because it was the Ferrari F40 that inspired the Koenig...Read more
While it does look cool from some angles, it seems much more suited to drop off the kids at a Texas beauty pageant than at the gates of Valhalla. Currently listed on eBay for a biddable $50,000 – who knows what it’s...Read more
Apart from their AWD system, Subaru Imprezas are generally known for one thing: their range of EJ flat-four engines. The engines are fairly cheap to own and run, have a wide catalogue of stock and aftermarket parts, and...Read more
Feel as if life is too long? Always wanted to have a heart attack while driving? Well, have we got the car for you. Think of Ford and Ferrari at the same time and, if you’re like me, you’ll think of their legendary Le...Read more
Yeah - it mightn't be car related, but who doesn’t love rockets? Stuck up in the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi, this RS-25 rocket engine underwent a 500-second ‘hot-fire’ test earlier this week. Similar to the...Read more
I doubt that when Mercedes was dropping billions on the W220 flagship it thought ‘but what if someone wants to get the arse out?’ Well, it’s 2017, and we do want to get the arse out. Which is pretty dumb when you think...Read more
When an RB26DETT just isn't going to cut it, it's time to go big. Think of Nissan engine swaps and the legendary RB26DETT comes to mind, right? With huge amounts of power and reliability packed into a tiny 2.6-litre...Read more
Now it mightn't be the latest fandingled model, with all of the optional extras, but it is in manual spec. So which one will it be? As is the 'art of the swap' in North America, chances are you can trade literally...Read more
It's the car that looks like it was designed for Arms Dealers and the Pope. But you just have to love it. We all have to start somewhere - and it hardly ever turns out right - but I think Lamborghini hit the nail on the...Read more
I mean, what else would you be doing on a bright Sunday in Japan? Kicking it out in a tiny Toyota KP61 Starlet and a Datsun 1200 - both of which are manual and rear-wheel drive (yes!) - the video highlights "Drift King...Read more
Because if there was a supercar from the 1980's that needed some extra kick, it was Lamborghini's halo superstar. 1984 was an interesting time for the motoring world. Ferrari brought out its soon-to-be iconic Testarossa...Read more
This guy rotates through supercars like an SRT Demon goes through wheels. But despite this, Harry Metcalfe seems to be the most approachable guy ever Having founded Evo magazine back in 1998, Harry currently spends his...Read more
Yup it’s back again – that ridiculously powerful first-gen Golf that has no interest in the school run. Not that the kids would want to go. Made in Germany – c’mon, where else? - by Boba Motoring , this little 1000hp (...Read more
With the release of Forza Motorsport 7 this October, why not show your Porsche pride with this controller? While there isn't really that much of a difference between a basic Xbox controller and the GT2 RS special,...Read more
Yes, yes - the 911 GT2 RS is the fastest road-going production car on the Nurburgring. We know, and for bloody good reason. It's big news! But remember, it wasn't the first. First off - congratulations to Porsche !...Read more
Didn't graduate with a Doctorate in Engineering? Have no fear, YouTube is here! While the Mercedes-AMG Project One's so-called ' F1 car for the road' philosophy isn't anything particularly new, since the McLaren F1 and...Read more
We’re talking about actual top speeds here. Not an 'estimated' or 'simulated' figure. So that’s a no-no to things like the glorious Cadillac Cien (sorry Gran Turismo fans), and the Lamborghini Miura Concept from 2006. I...Read more