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What car is suitable to tow a boat on the beach?

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Sep 2019

It depends somewhat on the condition of the sand. If it’s well packed and solid all-wheel drive would suffice, but I wouldn’t rely on it on loose, deep sand. For that I would want a proper four-wheel drive.

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What car do you recommend for towing a small camper trailer?

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2019

The camper trailer isn’t a heavy one, so most compact SUVs would handle it comfortably, and would have the space for your fridge and extra battery. A Toyota RAV4 would do the job, so would a Suzuki Vitara, or a Kia Sportage.

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What's a fuel efficient SUV on the market?

Answered by CarsGuide 20 Nov 2017

I don’t believe that what you want is out there, and can only reiterate past advice, buy a Patrol/Pajero/Prado/LandCruiser.

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Best mid-size car for city and camping?

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Nov 2016

You need to simplify your needs and wants. Most, if not all new cars have the sort of features you want. The more pressing issue is the choice of SUV or hatch. While a hatch might be best for your city needs, it probably wouldn't suit your camping needs, so I would rule that out and focus on a compact SUV. Of all the models you have looked at I would select the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

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Best trade in for a Territory TX?

Answered by CarsGuide 14 Oct 2016

I am reluctant to recommend any European car, particularly those from VW, because of the problems that have soured the ownership experience for so many people. Rather than those you name I would be looking at the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V or Suzuki Vitara.

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How does Suzuki Vitara compare to rivals?

Answered by CarsGuide 5 Sep 2016

The new Suzuki is pretty good, apart from the constantly variable transmission, and gets The Tick. But you should also test drive the Mazda CX-3, which tops the class, or the Honda HR-V if you need more space in the back.

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Are autos or manuals best for being flat towed?

Answered by CarsGuide 26 Aug 2016

I've done some checking and no one recommends flat towing with an automatic. You really need to totally disconnect the drive system, which means a manual. Many people choose a Suzuki Vitara as it is light and relatively cheap secondhand and also has maximum flexibility when you get to your destination.

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Benefits of a 1.4 litre turbo?

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Jul 2016

A 1.4-litre turbo will give the power of a 2.0-litre engine on demand, but the fuel economy of a 1.4 when taking things easy. So it's the best of both worlds, and goes right through to new turbo engines in Porsches and Ferraris. The badge on the back is typical of car companies, who like to tell all about things.

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Good mid-size SUV?

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Mar 2016

You left out my choice, which is the Kia Sportage.

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Vitara arrival date keeps changing

Answered by CarsGuide 26 Feb 2016

I doubt that you have any grounds for getting your deposit back, it would seem from what you say that Suzuki has not broken the contract you have signed. It's best to check the delivery timing before you sign the contract and if timing is critical for you to put that in writing as part of the contract. That way if they don't meet the timing you have a legitimate beef. The only thing you could do now is to try to negotiate a way out.

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