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16 August 2017

Yes, we are now a racing team*

By Matthew HattonMatthew Hatton

*of the junior club-level kart variety.

Part of the reason we started OverSteer was to get involved in grassroots car events all around Australia.

Motorsport is huge in Australia, but with the tiny exposure these events get, sometimes it's hard to see exactly how big it is. With that in mind, one of the major drivers of Oversteer is to showcase these motorsport and car shows.

Our team has covered car meets, drift events and club race events attended by every-day car enthusiasts.

But what about if you wanted more? What about if you wanted to pursue a career in world-class motorsport driving?

Meet Seth Wilson. He drives an OverSteer-branded kart at KA4 Junior level.

Believe it or not, here is where it starts. On tiny karts and at a young age. Almost all of the F1 drivers you know and love started out as teenagers, racing karts like this, from Rosberg and Hamilton to Ayrton Senna.

Ayrton Senna racing karts at age 13. (image credit: Instituto Ayrton Senna) Ayrton Senna racing karts at age 13. (image credit: Instituto Ayrton Senna)

Our interview with Seth quickly revealed why. A lot of car events are about casual enthusiasm, producing more power, tweaking engines, having fun. And while racing karts is fun, it became apparent that it's downright serious, even at a club level.

Even the slightest infringement bares penalty or disqualification, and the karts are so mechanically similar that times can be within the tenths of a second, as though it were a top-tier league.

From here, drivers can progress up through classes of kart, open wheel, and eventually into smaller formula variant cars. All of this is, of course, a costly venture and only the drivers with the most passion and skill will eventually attract big sponsors.

The karts are generally provided by small-time club engineering teams, so events tend to be a microcosm of what real racing (with trucks instead of pit garages) is really like.

Remember, if you see one of our OverSteer contributors at events, don't be afraid to have a chat. We want to hear about your car, event or club. They're as passionate as you are.

What's your favourite club or event? Tell us about it in the comments.