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9 May 2019

Sneaking a rotary-powered Corvette into LS Fest

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Every year the Las Vegas motor speedway holds LS Fest, an event where V8-lovers gather to admire their Chevys and compete in drag races, burnouts, and other contests.

It’s a dangerous place for anyone who doesn’t have freedom running in their veins and you would need balls bigger than the moon to take a car to the festival that's running anything less than eight cylinders.

Enter YouTuber Rob Dahm, who decided to take part with his Corvette C5 Z06. All good, but its powered by a turbo 13B rotary.

According to the rules, cars attending the event without an LS are subjected to “humiliation”, especially any with a rotary.

You can fit another two rotors in there easily. (image credit: Rob Dahm) You can fit another two rotors in there easily. (image credit: Rob Dahm)

To avoid this, Rob tried to fly under the radar, which included dressing like a typical Corvette owner, however the sound of a whipper snipper under the bonnet and having a YouTube star behind the wheel killed any chances of that.

Straight away, he was greeted by multiple people, who surprisingly weren’t there to chase him away with pitchforks, but instead appreciate the engine swap.

That was before the officials came along and placed him into “LS Fest jail”.

Wanted dead or alive. (image credit: Rob Dahm) Wanted dead or alive. (image credit: Rob Dahm)

The only way he could get out of prison was to beat another Corvette down the drag strip. Embarrassingly the 13B refused to kick over, leaving plenty of egg on Rob's face.

As far as we know, he is yet to escape.

What non-V8 would you take to LS Fest? Let us know in the comments.