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19 February 2019

Rotary-swapped Corvette laughs in the face of LS fanboys

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Rob Dahm is well known on the internet as the ‘rotary guy’, he set the highest top speed for a spinning Dorito over the half-mile (805m) and is building the world’s first quad-rotor, all-wheel drive Mazda RX-7.

When his record-breaking 20B turbo FD died, Rob went to the 'dark side' and bought a wrecked Corvette C5 Z06, vowing to ‘take a break’ from rotaries.

However, after seeing his Z06 make 280kW (302kW from factory) at the wheels, Rob had a change of heart and decided to ditch the LS6 V8 and swap it for a 13B.

The twin-rotor is the same engine found in an FD RX-7 - minus the sequential turbocharged set-up - purchased from Mazda US, who gave the project its blessing.

This is a sight I could get used to. (image credit: Rob Dahm) This is a sight I could get used to. (image credit: Rob Dahm)

Mazda probably wants revenge for all the LS-swapped RX-7s...

Rob aims to prove that a stock 13B with the ‘right’ turbo can produce more power and torque than an LS6.

The build is only in the early stages with a few mods needed to make the engine fit correctly. We'll be following the project closely, so stay tuned for updates.

Should rotary-swapped Corvettes become more common? Let us know in the comments.