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5 July 2019

Ken Block's mechanic has the world's only AWD GT-R LS Pontiac Trans-Am hybird

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

The battle between late-model Japanese tuner cars and traditional muscle cars never dies down, so what happens when you want to bridge the gap by building an early '70s Pontiac Trans-Am with all the grip of an early ‘90s GT-R Skyline, but all the traditional muscle car attitude?

Well, judging by the car Gregg Hamilton has built over the last two years, only good things can happen.

Of course, a huge amount of fabrication was required to take a Trans-Am that was abandoned in the western USA desert, and then add late-model C7 Corvette cradles and a mix of R32 and R33 Skyline GT-R all-wheel-drive underpinnings, along with a supercharged 5.3-litre LS V8, custom in-board bell crank suspension and huge Corvette brakes. Gregg has the skills to build this car in two short years as he is Ken Block’s head mechanic and has 30 years’ experience working on top-line rally cars, including at Toyota Team Europe and Prodrive!

This Pontiac hosts almost never-ending and thoroughly epic engineering so it is worth setting aside 25 minutes to watch the full build video and drink in all the insane details.

Is this the coolest Trans-Am ever? Let us know in the comments below.